Marco Fioretti's human-digital work

Huh? What does “human-digital work” mean anyway?

Thanks for asking. For me, it’s work to increase public awareness in all sectors of society, from parents to teachers, decision makers and activists in general, that

YOUR civil rights and the quality of YOUR life depend every year more on how software is used AROUND you

Artificial Intelligence, automation, social media, robots, Digital Transformation, Smart Cities, “metaverses”, cryptocurrencies and much more are all just different faces of that one reality. A reality that would not and will not change, even if you could still live without ever using software personally.

This is what I mean by “human-digital work”:

I discovered that fact in the mid-1990s, through the “Free as in Freedom” software movement. Since then, I have explored, and done my best to share, all the good and bad implications of open vs closed digital technologies and standards for ethics, civil rights, politics, parenting, education, social development and the environment.

I do this primarily, but not exclusively, through:

To know what people say about all this work, you may read these endorsements.

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