Please support my "Human/Digital work"

WHY? Because YOUR rights and the quality of YOUR life depend every year more on how software is used AROUND you.

I have been researching and popularizing this concept and all its implications for almost twenty years now, collecting a few endorsements along the way.

I do this through essays and reports, both independently and commissioned, blogging that already shared more than one million words, worldwide talks and participation to several projects, always doing my best to:

  • combine my strong belief that we badly need real, meaningful digital innovation with healthy skepticism
  • connect all the dots that need urgently need connecting between raw digital tech and human rights, culture, religion, education, parenting, and environmental issues.

I sincerely believe that this is an important, urgently needed service to society. The more direct support I get for it, the better I can do it, without any external constraint.

How you can help? In many ways!

Thanks in advance for any combination of: