Marco Fioretti - essential bio

I graduated in Electronics Engineering and then worked fifteen years in the telecom industry (including about two years in Silicon Valley) to design, simulate and test ASICs, FPGAs and whole broadband telecom systems. If you search hard enough, you may even find me listed as co-inventor in a patent for such systems.

I started using Unix and Linux on a daily basis in the mid-1990s, discovering in the same period the world and ideals of Free/Open Source Software.

Almost immediately, however, I became much more interested in the ethical side of Free Software rather than in coding, and in all its implications for civil rights, politics, education, and social development. Eventually, this would lead to what I call, for lack of an equally short but clearer definition, my “human-digital activities.

In the early 2000s I started writing freelance for several Linux magazines and websites. In 2008, I started working full time as a your civil rights and the quality of your life depend on how software is used AROUND you.