A few endorsements about my work, and general approach to the digital and social issues of our time, listed here from newest to oldest:

Tristan Louis, internet veteran, corporate advisor and more

(May 2023, source): "[Marco Fioretti] is an amazing thinker on the impact of AI from a sociological standpoint. His latest (here) has a lot of content to ponder. So I highly recommend reading the whole thing if you want to get your brain going."

Andrea Glorioso, Policy Officer at European Commission - future of work

“I always follow with great interest the activities of Marco Fioretti, and his insights.”

“Working as an Officer of the European Commission (DG CONNECT) on topics such as the digitization of our societies and the impacts of technology on political, economic andsocial dynamics - including its effects on the job market - it is extremely useful for me to exchange ideas and opinions, even remotely, with people of great experience, and able to provide “alternative” but well-thought points of view, as Marco can do on a consistent basis.”

(the above is a personal opinion, not binding for the European Commission)

Andy Oram, editor at O’Reilly Media

“During a critical period in the evolution of O’Reilly Media, and my own career, Marco Fioretti provided background information and advice about topics spanning the open source movement, open government, and technology. He wrote a chapter for an O’Reilly book on Open Government (“Why Open Digital Standards Matter in Government”)”.

“Marco has been commenting on government practices in the areas of transparency and technological innovation, and providing advice to governments on these topics, long enough to see historical trends and draw lessons from the successes and failures that have come before. With his recent interest in the Internet of Things, he continues to stay at the forefront of policy issues in the social application of technology.”

Nathan Schneider (journalist and media studies professor)

“Marco Fioretti is a rare thinker and doer, working at the intersections of Catholic social teaching and free, open technology. I’ve learned a great deal from his contributions and collaborations, especially about how to radically reimagine the networks by which we live and connect.”

Older endorsements, or citations

Redon Skikuli, Co-founder of Open LabsHackerspace in Albania

Very inspired by what Marco had to say about Open Data at Software Freedom Kosova 2013
Redon Skikuli: "very inspired by what Marco had to say about Open Data at Software Freedom Kosova 2013"

Michel Bauwens, Founder of Foundation for P2P Alternatives

Marco Fioretti, P2P researcher of the day, 2018/08/14
Marco Fioretti, P2P researcher of the day, 2018/08/14