S. Domingo: computers and Internet, from social exclusion to education and human development

The goal of the first conference about Free Software and Knowledge in the Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo was to “promote and spread the philosophy of Free software, education and knowledge in the Dominican Republic, among all who are concerned about the social, economic and scientific development of Santo Domingo”.

I contributed with the talk described below. General coverage of the event is available (in Spanish) on Hoy Digital and El Nuevo Diario.

Computers and Internet: sources of social exclusion or engines of education and human development?

This talk discusses the following topics:

  • What is software anyway?
  • Do computers and Internet unite or divide?
  • Do they help educate and empower, or do they divide and estrange?
  • What is the contribution of Universities to the effects of these technologies? What could it be?

and gives some general guidelines on how to deal with the related problems: