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I joined the board of the Free Knowledge Institute in summer 2013. Besides that, I continue to offer several online and traditional courses on Digital Rights topics, from ICT for education to Open Data, for teachers, NGO activists and the general public. As an example, here are some of the courses I am running or have run recently, either personally or through several organizations:

Linux and Free Software

Example: the online courses for the Free Technology Academy, whose first 2014 session includes courses on GNU/Linux Basic, GNU/Linux Advanced and Personal Cloud Computing.

Linux, Shell o basic Perl scripting, as well as Open/LibreOffice and ODF scripting are also available on request.

Digital Rights and Citizenship

File formats and other open digital standards

Open Data / Open Government / E-Government

New Media and Digital Cultures

  • Digital Cultures (through VIS, an organization with a great experience in the distance training field, see here for an example): course for NGO volunteers and project managers who need to use (open) ICT for Development in the best possible way
  • Education to New Media (also through VIS): basic course for teachers and parents willing to know more on how digital technologies impact their lives and those of their children

Important: People often ask me why several of these courses do NOT earn credits for students in any University. The main reason is that they are NOT conceived for University-level education, butfor all citizens. Everybody should know these things, not just people who can afford a higher-level education!

Custom courses? Of course!

This said, it is certainly possible to create custom editions of each course, or even whole courses on specific topic, tailored to the actual needs and skill levels of specific group. Just ask!