Valsamoggia: biourbanism and digital innovation

On February 28th, 2014, Stefano Serafini and Angelica Fortuzzi of the International Society of Biourbanism, Silvia Salmeri of ViviSostenibile (“Live Sustainably”) and I met in Valsamoggia, halfway between Bologna and Modena:

  • Germano Caroli, major of Savignano sul Panaro
  • Daniele Ruscigno, formerly major of Monteveglio e candidate to major of Valsamoggia

to discuss together about biourbanism, resilience, community, placemaking, p2p urbanism, urban service design, accessibility and more. My contribution to the discussion was to illustrate the human and economic potential, in all those contexts, of Open Data, Open Source technologies and FabLabs, that could give new energy to local economy and craftsmanship. A detailed report of the two meetings, in Italian, is available in the article “Biourbanism in Emilia Romagna”.