Does the Internet make any difference in preventing civil rights abuses?

This is simply a short interview about these themes, included in the April 17th edition of the italian Passpartu talk show hosted by Marzia Coronati of Amisnet.

Very short synthesis: I explained how and why, in my opinion, migrants use the Internet to stay in touch with their home countries; how Free Software can help to accomplish this goal; and why today’s Internet can’t really do much to stop atrocities like those of 1994 in Rwanda, but could help a lot to make sure such things don’t happen in the future.

Marzia interviewed on the same theme Cameroon writer Fonju Ndemesah Fausta, author of “The Radio and the Machete”, an essay on the role of media in the Rwanda genocide, and Federico Marchini, the only Italian journalist present in Rwanda in 1994.

A text synthesys and a full Mp3 version of the whole show (both in Italian) are available for download on the Amisnet website.