Pontedera: Free GIS systems for better cooperation between administrations and citizens

The Association for Free Geographic Information Systems organized in the Piaggio Museom of Pontedera a one-day congress on Free and open geographic data: Open Source solutions for the landscape, citizens and businessess, aimed mainly at professionals and Public Administrators working with Geographic Information Systems (GIS), to discuss how important it is to guarantee the availability of public, freely available geographic data in the development of GIS services.

My contribution to the congress was to explain with practical examples how [free, open GIS software can be used to open the very creation and management of GIS public services free-and-open-geographic-data-open-source-solutions-landscape-citizens-and-businessess], and how such processes can minimize costs and increase mutual support between citizens and their Public Administrations. I have also presented those examples in my article “Municipalities open their GIS systems to citizens”.