My most important writings include the essays and studies listed in the first section of this page. Some of them are also available as ebooks. In addition to those works, I have written hundreds of articles at all levels, mostly on Free Software but also on other ICT topics, for all the printed and online magazines listed below, not to mention my personal Stop and Tips websites. Whenever I can, I also write about backpacking.

Main writings

2014/06/13: Veneto Region Open Data Action Plan 2014-2020: a path for the future (en)
(Open Data, Open Gov, Education)
per/for: Veneto Region, Italy
2014/05/16: Catholic Social Doctrine And the Openness Revolution: Natural Travel Companions? (en)
(Catholicism, Christianity, Social Doctrine, Open HW, Free Software, Open Data, Open Gov, Open Access, ICT4D, Open Standards, Open Source)
per/for: University of St. Thomas
2012/07/12: Software reuse in Italian public administrations (en)
(Italy, Public Administration, ICT, Procurement, Reuse, Open Standards, Open Source)
per/for: joinup
2012/04/17: Digital Divides between today's Public Administrations and their 2.0 versions (it)
(social networks, public administration, transparency)
per/for: ForumPA
2012/03/13: Data Center consolidation in (small) Public Administrations: what it means, how and why do it (it)
(Data Center, Public Administration, ICT, procurement)
per/for: ForumPA
2012/02/14: Open Data for monitoring of public tenders and conflicts of interests (it)
(open data, ict, procurement, public works, public administration, transparency, corruption)
per/for: ForumPA
2011/09/16: Open Data: Emerging trends, issues and best practices (en)
(Open Data, local administrations, NGO, activism, civism, active citizenship)
per/for: Laboratory of Economics Management, S. Anna School of Superior Studies
2010/10/11: The Open Data, Open Society report (en)
(Open Data, transparency, economy, privatizations, public services, psi)
per/for: Laboratory of Economics Management, S. Anna School of Superior Studies
2010/05/07: Why Open Digital Standards Matter in Government (en)
(open data, open government, transparency, open standards)
per/for: O'Reilly
2008/07/20: Thoughts on P2P production and deployment of physical objects (en)
(p2p, degrowth, environmental impact, telecom, ICT)
per/for: P2P Foundation
2007/06/01: Is there a place for computers and digital communications in degrowth? (en)
(debrowth, digitalization, microelectronics, software, free software, open standards)
per/for: Italian Degrowth Review
2007/06/01: The Family Guide to Digital Freedom (2007 edition) (en)
(digital rights, family, free software, open standards, digital divide)
per/for: mfioretti
2006/11/10: A Free Software Manifesto For All Of Us (en)
2005/11/11: Free Software's surprising sympathy with Catholic doctrine (en)
(Catholics, Free Software, Open Standards)
per/for: OSTG

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