Post-COVID19 resource list

The COVID19 pandemic fills everybody’s minds in these first months of 2020. That is right, but it is at least important to think, and discuss, what COVID19 really means, and whether we really want to go back to the same exact world of 2019.

This page is a complement to my own reports on COVID19, seen from Italy’s lockdown, which I strongly suggest you to read.

This page, instead, is a collection of resources that highlight how COVID19 has just exposed or anticipated, but not created, some huge problems. As I said in my COVID19 chronicles, COVID19 is taking the blame for a 2020 recession that many forecast as “worst than 2008”… in 2018. Going back to life as before would be an insult to the many victims of this virus. Of course, the list also includes paths to alternative solutions!

Says who?

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My Post-COVID19 resource list

The real problems that COVID19 just highlighted

Solutions include…