About Marco


I am a freelance writer, popularizer, activist and teacher. My field is open digital standards, Free Software, digital technologies and the impacts of all these things on education, ethics, civil rights, environmental issues and, in general, everyday life. That’s why the slogan of this website is:

your civil rights and the quality of your life depend on how software is used AROUND you.

I discovered the Free Software world in the mid 90’s, because I used UNIX in my daily work and I wanted to try something similar at home. Almost immediately, however, I became much more interested in the ethical side of Free Software rather than in the coding, and in all its implications for civil rights, politics, education, and social development.

These days, my main activities are writing, speaking, teaching and participation to several projects in all the fields above. Along the road, I have collected a few endorsements.

To contact me or follow me on several social networks, please see my Contacts page. You may also directly support my work in several ways, of course!