Budapest, Conference 2010, ODF scripting and ODF future


I contributed to the worldwide Conference 2010 in Budapest with the two talks below: the main one was about [ODF Scripting odf-scripting-how-be-automate-office-document-processing-opendocument], which is about how to generate office texts, presentations and spreadsheets automatically. The other (very short) talk was about [ODF-next odf-next-what-would-see-next-version-opendocument-format], that is what should be in my opinion the evolution of the OpenDocument Format (ODF) for office documents. The most important moments of theconference are described in my report titled Conference 2010: preparing the next ten years.

ODF scripting: how to automate the processing of office documents with OpenDocument

One of the main advantages of the OpenDocument format for office documents is that it is very, very easy to generate or process automatically. Anybody who needs to generate many similar texts, spreadsheets and presentations and is willing to run some scripts can save countless hours of work with ODF. In this talk I have explained how to do this applying the general method I call ODF Scripting:

ODF-next: what I would like to see in the next version of the OpenDocument Format

Thoughts and wishes about possible future evolutions of the OpenDocument Format for office texts, presentations and spreadsheets: